The Personal Touch

10 Nov

This morning I had a massive headache and a ton of work to do.  I sat down at a local coffee shop, fired up the laptop and let iTunes pick some music.  There was something about the first song that played.  I smiled.  It was just right and realized that just about every time I hear this song and, really, anything by this singer/songwriter, it’s just right.  And it had been ever since the summer evening laying in the grass with the family at the Lake Harriet band shell where I’d first seen him perform.  So I took a moment, found the singer’s email address and thanked him. 

This is one of the wonderful things about the Internet. It’s so easy to connect and share a good word with someone you’ve never met … to bring together the buyer and the brand, the performer and the fan, the politician and the…governed.  And yeah, there’s plenty of hand-wringing over the way some folks unleash their darker side on those they don’t like while hiding behind the web’s perceived anonymity. 

But as a communicator and marketer, I’ll take the good and manage the bad.  I’ll take the ability to find and thank the teacher who told me I could do better,  the friend I thought I wronged, the company that made that perfectly useful thingamabob and the singer who helped me smile through my headache.  And I’ll remember that it’s cool to be inspired … so I’ll try harder for that in my work. 

And finally … if you’re into folkie singer/songwriter types, check out James Moors’ “Ten Years” off his “Hush” album.

Maybe you’ll smile, too.


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