I love this week

29 Dec

I love working between Christmas and New Years. Things slow down a little bit, people don’t expect you to be around, and the people who are around tend to be happier and friendlier.

For the past two years, we took big trips over this week, so this is the first year I’ve worked from home over the holidays.  So today, here’s a cup of coffee for you and me and everyone else trying not to waste the opportunity of a quieter day or two…here’s what I’m up to this week:

  • The Annual Desk Purge:  There is very little paper that is required for me to serve clients and run the business.  And yet, my desk is piled high with printouts, junk mail, receipts, pens, wires and dust. Gone, gone, filed, dropped in a coffee mug and cleaned.  Whew.
  • The Annual Reader Purge: I follow a good deal of news through RSS subscriptions in Google Reader. But too often, I skim past the same stories from the same blogs and news sites every day.  Gone!  More importantly, I’m finding that I’m seeing fewer articles that strike my fancy.  So I’m mining Alltop to bring new voices and ideas into my daily reading.
  • Beefing up the Blog: A few weeks ago, I refreshed the blog template and copy.  I’m still not sure the website does what I want it to, but it is better. So I’m trying to lay out some topics I’d like to address in the coming weeks and months and get ahead of the game a bit.
  • Writing for fun: I’ve had this idea for a novel that has been percolating in various forms since the 8th grade.  A few hours to push it forward would be OK, wouldn’t it?
  • Socializing: While many people are on vacation this week, many more aren’t.  It’s a great week to reconnect with clients, former clients, friends and colleagues…whether by phone, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Doing PR stuff:  Everyone says it’s a terrible week to do media relations. Bosh on that, I say! If I can reach a professional media person this week, I bet I can have a better conversation than I will next week.
  • Resetting priorities: How do you do more of what makes you professionally successful and personally fulfilled and less of what doesn’t?  How can I do a better job of being myself, and do so in ways that do more for others?
  • Connecting: I’d like to get more business this year. Why? Well to make more money, of course.  More importantly for the opportunity to share my expertise in communications strategy and writing, and to meet new people and challenges that will help me continue to stretch and grow as a professional.

So, who wants to talk?  What are you up to this week?


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