A Change of Habit

30 Dec

Some days, I don’t like change.

My local Caribou Coffee shop says they’re no longer selling beans from Kenya. The sweetest, smoothest beans, with an aroma that at first whiff awakens your mind to finer things. But…gone.

The burrito joint near work, Baja Sol, apparently has dropped my favorite Fire Roasted from the salsa bar choices. I had a routine there — dip the chips into the Fire Roasted then the Caliente. Gone.

Things change. When we were dating, my wife and I loved a restaurant called Pasquale’s. Disappeared some years back, along with the old Loring Cafe where we’d gotten engaged.

And of course, there was the time years back where at work we had a weekly Friday morning breakfast at this little joint called "A&J’s Gem Cafe" and the group shows up and the diner is still smoking and the news crews are out in front. Apparently, the couple that owned the place had a fight, and the diner was gone. Friday breakfasts didn’t survive long after that.

There was a time when I could walk into Peter’s Grill in downtown Minneapolis, take a seat at the counter and the waitress would say, "Gyros Plate and a Coke?" and I’d smile and nod.

I’ve lived in Minnesota for more than 20 years now…it’s the first place I’ve lived long enough to see change…people come and go, shops and restaurants rise and fall, neighborhoods reshaped.

It’s hard to watch things change, but it’s easier than, say, changing. In some ways, you’d think embracing change would be simpler if you could, say, pick up and move every four years, be someone new, find new places and new faces, reshape yourself, change old habits and finding new ones. But here’s a secret that’s probably not a secret: it doesn’t work that way,

Old habits are like being a rock in the river, stuck in place, watching the world flow by. Better to dive in and see what you find.


2 Responses to “A Change of Habit”

  1. charlie December 31, 2011 at 4:17 am #

    Everything changes…that is the one thing you can depend on…It’s how you react to it that makes the difference…

  2. Ken Kadet December 31, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    Well, put, Charlie … and thanks!

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