In Defense of Paper

4 Jan

Thus far, no one has come up with a digital solution that measures up to paper for:

* Spreading a newspaper or magazine across the kitchen counter, so the whole family can catch up on the news together.

* The school lunch menu, posted on the refrigerator.

* Elementary school homework, with smiley stickers and gold stars.

* School newsletters.

* Report cards.

I embrace the digital just about everywhere. But nothing kills family time like kids and grownups zoning out over screens. No media promotes live, in-person conversations like paper.


3 Responses to “In Defense of Paper”

  1. charlie January 4, 2012 at 2:15 am #

    In defence of hating paper:
    * I can’t afford the ink
    * I hate the clutter
    * It’s hard to file
    * I have to shred important documents
    * I have a Kindle
    * This response would cost too much to mail

  2. Robin Kadet January 4, 2012 at 9:21 am #

    It’s true. I think it’s a luxury to sit and read a paper. I have a zillion devices in the house: laptop, regular kindle, kindle fire, itouch, ipad…..and I can read the headlines on them, or a little more on the tablets, but was just saying to my hubby the other day that I miss our NYT’s Sunday paper since we let it lapse. I’m thinking of starting it up again. We do miss the discussion that goes a long with it, and the feeling that you have time to read an article, not just scan a headline. But I do also hate the clutter and feel awful if I don’t have time to read all of it and recycle it unread…….glad you are updating your blog again!

  3. Ken Kadet January 4, 2012 at 11:12 am #

    Charlie — not that I don’t agree… i have a pile of paper on my work desk that I’ll never need again… it’ll just get tossed!

    Robin — For sure… I’d love to have a chance to read the paper more… my kids are main readers now — Sports and Comics pages…

    My larger point isn’t to position myself as a Luddite … it’s more of a communications thing: Know your audience, how they use your media and your information, and then use the right media for the right job. Don’t assume that because its new or old it’s necessarily better.

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