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5 Nov


After a hard fought election, an inspiring finish. I stayed up late in front of the TV and the laptop to take it all in.  This morning, my kids asked me who won.  Before answering, I ran barefoot to the mailbox to show them the story in headlines. My wife likes to  keep the papers from major events: We have Clinton’s impeachment, 9/11/2001, our kids’ birthdays.  We’ll add today’s StarTribune to the collection. 

It got me thinking:  Do you get the same thrill, the same sense of history, when you click on your web browser? When newspapers are gone, what will you  hold onto to pass along that sense of history?  If you’ve given up the paper, what will be your keepsake?

UPDATE:  I’m not the only one who’s noticed the power of newspapers when history’s being made: 

Gawker:  It’s a great day to be a newspaper 

News Cut Blog:  Are the headlines up to the historic task? 

BusinessWeek’s Brand Blog:  Newstands sold out in Ann Arbor…

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