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Reflections on Brand, Medium and Message

21 May

Some semi related stories on my mind today…

Back when I was a young PR agency pup, trying to establish our agency’s tech practice, my firm had yet to purchase a digital projector. We did our new business presentations on transparencies.  It just about killed me — how were we supposed to win tech business when we ourselves were so clearly tech followers.  It finally came to a head when a prospect said that they had a hard time choosing between us and a competitor … but all things being equal, they went with the firm that used the projector.  

The other day, I was talking with a client about launching a website for a business where building consumer community is essential.  The client has developed a terriffic network of dozens of interns working on various aspects of company marketing.  So he suggests a new tactic — what if we asked the interns, already engaged in social media outreach, to each start a blog, talking about our issues and linking back to the site? If nothing else, there would be search engine marketing benefits. 

I tend to have gut reactions to new ideas.  Then I figure out how to make them work.  So my gut reaction is that I’d hate to be a part of foisting dozens of junk blogs on the world.  My next thought is “why not?”  Why not have dozens of bloggers — clearly associated with the company — talking about the issues important to them and their work?  Why not make their ideas  on the company and its issues accessible from dozens of directions through the interns’ networks?

The media is indeed, at times, the message … and even, sometimes, “the brand.”  How you communicate says a lot about what you communicate.  Sometimes, it can even overshadow the message. 

Any stories to share?

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